Facial Fillers

Facial Fillers

With aging, there is a decrease in the hyaluronic acid content in the skin, and consequently in its water holding capacity. Breaks occur in the subcutaneous collagens and elastin fibers. In time, these breaks lead to wrinkles, then to sagging. A person’s mimic using frequency causes the breaks to happen faster. And the wrinkles deepen due to the loss in the subcutaneous tissue. And filling applications are medical procedures that are the most frequently used to eliminate the deep facial wrinkles. The filling method attracts great attention because it happens faster compared to esthetic operations and because it is more economic.


What is a Filling?

Filling can be defined as a medical esthetic procedure that is performed with a subcutaneous injection. And the esthetic filling materials are semi-permanent or permanent substances that are used to eliminate the wrinkles and loss of elasticity on the skin and that are compatible with the body.

Fillings containing substances like collagen, calcium hydroxyapatite and hyaluronic acid which allow skin rejuvenation are used in the facial filling procedure. Thus, the wrinkles on the face are reduced or eliminated. The dents that happen due to aging are filled in. The filling procedure can also be used to plump the lips and treat soft tissue volume loss. 

There are filling types with different contents including hyaluronic acid, synthetic material, collagen and autologous fillings. The most preferred filling material is hyaluronic acid. Although rare, there can be side effects in the injection area such as swelling, bruising, redness and small subcutaneous bumps. The effects might vary from several months up to a year. It is possible for the body to stimulate its own natural collagen production after repetitive injections. In this sense, it is a pretty effective filling material to reduce the number of lines and wrinkles.

The fillings with synthetic substances are usually preferred for the treatment of small lines that are thin looking and that have not yet settled. Due to being a filling substance that is not normally found in the body and that has been created in a lab, synthetic fillings are broken down in the body more slowly. Therefore, they are more permanent compared to other filling substances. However, the risk for side effects is greater. And it might cause deformations unless performed by a specialist doctor.

Although fillings with collagen content provide a natural look, they have are not long lasting and allergic reactions are seen more often. 

Autologous fillings; are the fillings that are obtained by processing the fat taken from a person’s buttocks, thighs and abdominal area. It lasts less than hyaluronic acid.

Why is Facial Filling Performed?

The skin gets more sensitive to wrinkles and sagging with age. The muscular texture of the skin gets looser with the effects from the Sun and years of repetitive muscular motions. The skin can be given a younger and more dynamic look with facial filling applications. The filling applications are used on the face the most. Everyone over 18 years old can get fillings.

Who Should Perform Facial Fillings?

Esthetic fillings should absolutely be performed by a doctor who is experienced in this area, and products that have a Ministry of Health license should be used.

Where and How is Filling Treatment Applied?

Filling treatment; can be used to plump thin lips, extend a short jawline without the need for a surgical intervention, bring out the cheek bones, and eliminate the under eye dents that occur due to stress, exhaustion or genetic factors. Filling treatment can also be applied on the different areas of the body as well as the face. 

Additionally; it can also be applied in the dents that go down from the sides of the nose, on the lip contours, inside the lips, on the wrinkles above or around the lips, in the eyebrow area to lift the eyebrows or correct the asymmetry between the eyebrows, on the tip of the nose to lift it, and between the eyebrows to eliminate the lines that occur due to frowning.

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How is Facial Filling Performed?

In order to obtain the most successful results, the patient’s complaints and expectations should be well understood, their existing issues should be evaluated in detail, and the right referrals should be made when necessary. 

Facial filling applications can be defined as the semi-permanent solutions that are performed on certain parts of the face with small injections. Esthetic filling is a simple and pain-free procedure which is completed within a short time. Anesthetic creams are applied on the area of application before the procedure. The person’s face and skin structure are examined and which filling material will be applied how much on which areas. The area of application is sterilized and markings are made. The filling material is injected in the marked areas using fine needles. After the injection is complete, special creams are applied to prevent bruising. 

The application is completed within about 15 minutes. There might be edema after the application because of the water holding properties of the filling materials. This improves on its own within a week. The patient should avoid making too many mimics on the day of the facial filling application. Points to watch out for include not getting the area in contact with water for the 4 hours following the application, and not putting on makeup. Because the facial filling materials are affected by heat, one should stay away from environments such as Turkish baths and saunas for as long as the doctor suggests. Water intake should be plenty after the application, the skin should not be massaged, and lying down should be face up for the first day.

What Are the Advantages of Filling?

Filling applications are procedures that can be performed without the need for an operation room and application of anesthetics. Thus, patients can get a younger looking skin without making too much time and without needing to go through a long recovery period, with a simple and pain-free application. In addition, filling applications have more economic prices than the other esthetic treatment alternatives. Because of being an application that is comfortable and that has simple side effects that go away on their own, they are preferred much more often than surgical operations. 

However, one should not have a price-oriented approach at the decision stage when they will get a filling injection. The risk of encountering situations where the effectiveness of the material is reduced just to cut down on the costs should not be taken. It should be made sure that the application is performed by a specialist doctor in sterile environments.

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