Hair Mesotherapy

Hair Mesotherapy

Hair is considered to be one of the most important factors of an impressive look for both women and men. Therefore, the hair-related problems that occur might lead to negative effects on one’s social life and mental state. Today, many care and treatment methods are used to increase hair quality, give the hair some shine, make it look lively and prevent shedding.

Hair loss is mostly due to hormonal reasons and genetic predisposition. Also, there might be hair shedding and hair loss due to external factors, hair roots getting dull, weaker, birth, pregnancy, some medications used and some diseases. Also, there might be hair loss within the scope of the anagen phase, catagen phase and telogen phase that the hair goes through. 

The hair is also the area that is firstly affected by the changes in the body. Although prevention hair issues is always easier than combatting the results that those issues might cause, protective measures are not yet taken by many people. Thanks to hair mesotherapy, one of these methods, the components that nourish the hair roots are made to settle in the hair extremely easily. This method which can be used for the treatment of hair loss also has the effects of thickening the thinned out hairs, stopping hair from shedding, and making the hair livelier and shinier.

What Is Hair Mesotherapy?

The treatment method which is applied with the injection of the amino acid, mineral and vitamin mixtures that the hair needs into the hairy skin is called hair mesotherapy. There are agents regarding the keratin layer of the skin, surface expanders, and the amino acids that are need for the hair to grow out and develop in the mixture. 

Mesotherapy is a method that is pretty beneficial and effective for both the hair and the scalp. It is one of the most popular applications preferred at the stage of combating various hair problems; and special medications containing the vitamins and nutrients that are needed to have healthy hair and for the hair to grow are applied with microinjections.

Hair mesotherapy, which helps thin and dull hair to grow thicker and stronger, is a method that can be performed on both men and women. Thickening the weakened hair with cosmetic products is almost impossible, though it is possible to get healthy and strong hair thanks to hair mesotherapy. 

How Does Hair Mesotherapy Work?

Not only does hair mesotherapy prevent hair loss, but it also is a method that allows the hair to regrow healthily. Hair mesotherapy yields good results in both female and male pattern hair loss. The hair follicles are vitalized with the speeding up of the blood circulation in the cell metabolism and scalp with the injection of the mixture into the hair roots. Thus, the hair is supported to be voluminous, healthy and strong. 

Hair mesotherapy can be performed on people who have gotten hair transplant due to hair loss problems. The success of the hair transplant can be increased by the application of hair mesotherapy before the hair transplant procedure for people to undergo hair transplant. The hairs that have newly grown or that will grow are also strengthened.

In addition; amongst the results that can be obtained with hair mesotherapy application are thickening of the hair strands, minimizing hair loss, prolonging hair lifespan, growing of new hairs with more quality, and getting a voluminous hair form.

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Who Are Suitable For Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy can be performed on people; who complain about hair thinning due to hair loss including male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia), hair loss due to traction (traction alopecia), alopecia (alopecia areata), diffused hair loss, hair loss after birth, people who have thin and brittle hair, who have had hair implant and wants the newly implanted hairs to last long, who have hair loss due to stress or hormone imbalances, and whose hair no longer looks as healthy and shiny as it used to.

Hair mesotherapy cannot be performed on; people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, have cancer, diabetes, immunological disease, and who are on blood thinner medication. 

What Are the Advantages of Hair Mesotherapy?

A mixture that is planned based on a person’s requirements is used in the mesotherapy method, and hair mesotherapy can be preferred as a supporting treatment if there are hormonal and genetic hair loss issues. In hair mesotherapy, an application is planned where the deficiencies needed for the healthy development of hair will be eliminated. Accordingly, the goal is that the person gets more voluminous, shinier and fuller hair. The incomplete structures are transferred directly into the hair roots at small doses with the hair mesotherapy procedure. Although there is close to no side effects from the application, the side effects, if any, resolve on their own in no time. There are no long term side effects. 

Medications at small doses are regionally applied in hair mesotherapy. It is considered to be an effective treatment method with pretty rapid results. Therefore, hair mesotherapy procedure is recommended for people who are having hair loss issues as well as people who have thinning in their hair. Thus, it is possible to renew and vitalize the weakened hair roots, and strengthen the hair roots. 

How Is Hair Mesotherapy Performed?

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In hair mesotherapy, which is a pretty common treatment, every injection is a mixture of several beneficial elements, and it is possible to mix together 2 to 6 active components in one syringe. Especially the B group vitamins are extremely beneficial and play a major role in hair growth and restoration. Copper and zinc, other components used in mesotherapy, prevent weak hair structure. They are mostly used for genetic hair loss. Hyaluronic acid speeds up hair growth and is responsible for nourishing the ampoules. Amino acids, the essentials of the hair, contribute to the formation of keratin fibers. Growth factors not only normalize blood flow to the scalp, but also ensure that the hair roots are strengthened and the hair gets fuller. And coenzymes are effective in improving the hair structure. The active substance, minoxidil, is one of the effective tools to combat hair loss, but it is not preferred to have in the mixture for it is extremely toxic and might cause negative reactions.

Anesthetic sprays can be used depending on the patient’s request and doctor’s opinion. The application is completed with softening the scalp and making the skin bleed, and the injection of the cocktail that is fit for the patient into the scalp. It is possible to obtain a rapid result because the medication reaches the hair roots directly. This method which allows speeding up blood circulation in the injection area, and vitamins and minerals needed by the hair roots to be brought directly to the hair root is painless. The effects start after about a month after the first application. The sessions take 20-25 minutes, and it is recommended to get at least one application monthly for a duration of 3 months so that the results are permanent.

Hair mesotherapy is an ideal method that can be performed on people with hair loss and hair thinning complaints. A person’s hair structure is researched and analyzed before starting the hair mesotherapy application. Thus, the degree of the hair wear is determined. The hair mesotherapy sessions are mostly planned to be once every ten days, though it might vary depending on the person’s hair condition and the doctor’s evaluation. The effects of hair mesotherapy usually start after about 3-4 sessions, and there might be up to 8 sessions of applications.

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