Lipolysis is one of the methods that has been receiving great attention not just in our country, but also in Europe and the USA recently. Some people can have resistant fat accumulations on certain parts of their body despite not being overweight. Some parts of the human body are more prone to fat deposition. Although it is possible to burn the fats in the body tissues with a balanced diet program and regular exercise, it can be really hard to get rid of the regional weights caused by the stubborn fat accumulations. The areas with the most fat accumulations for the females are; the buttocks, abdomen, legs, and sides of the waist. And fat accumulation mostly occurs on the abdomen and waist area in men.

With the lipolysis method which is one of the most popular methods for regional slimming in Istanbul and in our other cities, it is possible to remove the regional fats from the body without needing an operation. 


What is Lipolysis (Fat Burning)?

Lipolysis is an effective method of treatment that allows the regional excess weight to be removed naturally and that is based on the subcutaneous injection of the PPC (pphosphadytilcolin) substance.

The PPC substance used for the lipolysis method is obtained from soybeans. PPC is a substance that is found in the human body and that also has an important role in the fat metabolism. In addition, PPC is an active substance that is used in different fields of medicine, and it acts by making the solid fat in the fat cell called adipocytes dissolve. This way, the liquid that is much easier to metabolize is turned into a fatty-watery solution, thus facilitating the fat cells in being broken down and removed from the body. It increases the permeability and liquidity of the fat cell and makes it easier for the lipidic components to get out of the cells. The fats that are removed and metabolized are expelled via the natural lymphatic system of the body. The problem of sagging and looseness in the area is seen at a minimum thanks to the fats having been naturally expelled.

Why is Lipolysis Used?

Lipolysis can be used;

  • For deformities due to fat deposition,
  • For the treatment of gynecomastia,
  • For cellulite treatment,
  • For under eye bags,
  • And for the elimination of lipoma and the fats around the eyes.

In addition, the lipolysis method can be used when there are deformities after the fats are removed surgically. Lipolysis is a method that is especially quite effective in the elimination of the orange-peel appearance due to cellulites. The lipolysis method can also be used for the treatment of the fat accumulations on the back areas of men.

On Which Areas is Lipolysis Effective?

The lipolysis method can be applied to eliminate the masses of fat that remain after birth, and fat the regional fat depositions in the arm, waist, abdomen, buttock, hip, leg and maxillary areas. It is crucial to support the lipolysis method with a balanced diet program and exercise. It is possible to obtain permanent results with the necessary sensitivity.

How Many Sessions to Perform Lipolysis?

How many sessions the lipolysis method should be applied varies depending on the age and weight of the patient and the amount of the fat in the targeted area. Usually, the lipolysis method needs to be performed at least for 2 – 4 sessions for the problematic area. 

The body zeroes the fat wastes that are dissolved naturally by itself after each lipolysis session. Therefore, the majority of the patients start noticing the changes in their bodies after the second session of the lipolysis application. However, there might be a total fat loss  if the lipolysis sessions are applied too frequently. Because there is a risk of exceeding the effects that are aimed to be obtained with high dose applications, it is recommended that applications are performed at 4-6 week intervals provided that the effects are monitored.

Who Are Not Suitable?

Lipolysis is definitely not a method to lose weight. It is a treatment that can be used to eliminate the regional excess fats that resist diet and exercise. Therefore, it is not an alternative for people with obesity. In addition, lipolysis cannot be performed on;

  • Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding,
  • Minors,
  • Cancer patients,
  • Diabetics,
  • Those with drug allergies,
  • Those with liver or kidney disease,
  • And patients with a current infection.

How is Lipolysis (Fat Burning) Performed?

In the lipolysis method, the PPC substance is injected into the area of application with the regional fat deposition using a total of 4 injectors with fine needles of 10 mm – 13 mm. A cooling spray is used before the injection to make sure that the patient feels the pain as little as possible. After the injection of the medication, there can be itchiness, redness, a slight burning sensation and bruising. There can be a temporary edema in the area of application after lipolysis. These types of complaints go away on their own within about 24-48 hours. 

Patients can go on with their daily lives after the lipolysis procedure without having any interruptions. Because the fats are broken down via the liver in the lipolysis method, no alcohol should be consumed as long as the lipolysis sessions continue. In addition, aspirin and painkillers should be avoided throughout the treatment as they suppress the lipolysis procedure. Again throughout the treatment, it is recommended that the patients avoid sunbathing and solariums.

The diet program that is provided should be followed fully so that the best results can be obtained from the lipolysis method. Going for at least an hour of brisk walking everyday allows burning of the fats that have been broken down with the lipolysis session and the body to use them as a source of energy. 

How Does Lipolysis Operate?

In the lipolysis method, it is aimed that the PPC substance is injected into the areas with regional fat deposition and that the fats in the area are burnt. The purpose of the lipolysis application is to increase natural-like fat breakdown due to the increasing of the permeability of the fat cell membrane and the destruction of the broken down fat cells by the body with the injection of PPC.

In the lipolysis method, with the injection of PPC into the problematic areas, the permeability of the fat cell membranes increase. The liver starts to destroy the broken down fat cells. Because the number of the fat cells in the area of application decreases with the lipolysis method, the fat deposition in certain areas is completely eliminated. With the lipolysis method, fat burning is increased naturally and the stubborn fat accumulations in the body are destroyed without causing any looseness on the skin. 

In the lipolysis method which is performed in many of our cities including Istanbul, the fat burning and expelling actually occur within the body’s own natural process. When the injections increase the liquidity and permeability of the fat cell membrane, the body fats’ exits from the cell are easier. A naturally metabolic process begins in the fat tissues where the medication is injected, the fats are burnt and expelled from the body. 

The lipolysis treatment stands out with the slow but deep burning process of the fats. With this method, not only the fat cells are brought down to their normal sizes, but the majority of them are destroyed as well. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they cannot be regenerated.

What is the Difference Between Cold Lipolysis and Regular Lipolysis?

The cold lipolysis method, which is one of the body shaping methods, works based on breaking down the fat cells by means of freezing them, in its most general definition. Fat cells are not resistant to cold and other traumas as much as the other tissues due to their structural properties. The fat cells that are exposed to cold are expelled from the body with the lymphatic and urinary circulation as a result of the programmed cell death which is also known as apoptosis within about 2 months because of the deterioration of their cellular structures. There are no damages observed in the surrounding tissues in apoptosis.

The are where the cold lipolysis will be applied is vacuumed with 2 heads of the devices. The subcutaneous fat cells are targeted and frozen to the point of elimination. And for that, they need to be cooled down to -10 degrees for one hour. The fat cells that are exposed to cold pass on to a programmed death in a certain order, and expelled from the body as a result of a metabolic process that is similar to the one in the fatty foods that are consumed. Thus, a more natural and tightened look can be achieved.

While the application is performed with an injection in the lipolysis procedure, a special device is used in cold lipolysis. The fat cells are made to break down and be expelled from the body with the impact of the PPC substance in lipolysis, while the fats are frozen then expelled from the body with the metabolic process in cold lipolysis. 

Is Lipolysis a Permanent Procedure?

The fat cells in the area of application are completely destroyed with the lipolysis method, but the expansion of the other remaining fat cells continue. Therefore, it is crucial to follow a regular exercise and diet program after the application. The fat breakdown can be made to continue with a regular exercise and diet program.

Is There Any Discomfort After the Sessions?

Although lipolysis treatment is a pain- and ache-free procedure, some people might get a mild ache in the area of application for several days. But this is a tolerable ache.

Because no surgical intervention is needed in the cold lipolysis method, the patient can go back to their daily life quickly. There might be bruising, numbness and redness for some time in the area of application. Though rare, there might be a decrease or a total loss of feeling. But this will improve on its own within 1-8 weeks. 

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