Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic fluid which forms in relation with the cellular activities of the body is collected from inside the tissues with the lymph vessels. The lymphatic fluid which flows from the lymph nodes mixes with the blood circulation. This circulation works as removing the bacteria which might cause skin and subcutaneous infections from the area. The lymphatic fluid which has a structure that is rich in protein carries the bacteria, viruses and other wastes that it has collected to the lymph nodes via canals, and the germs and wastes in these nodes are destroyed by the cells. If this circulation that needs to take place gets disrupted due to certain disorders that occur in the lymphatic paths or lymph nodes due to various reasons, the problem of lymphedema where the lymph fluid starts accumulating in the tissue will be arise.

The lymphatic drainage massage is considered to be the most effective application used to reduce edema. With the lymphatic drainage massage that is applied on the surface of the skin monotonously, lightly, rhythmically and slowly, the swelling is minimized by speeding up the flow of the lymph fluid. The lymphatic flow is supported, thus the person is relieved by the reduction of the swelling due to the edema. The lymphatic drainage massage also allows the body to be cleansed from germs, bacteria, toxins, chemical waste and excess fluid, and boosts the immune system.

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is a special massaging method which is applied for the purpose of regulating blood circulation and speeding up the process of losing weight. The lymphatic drainage massage which is performed with special devices with pressure can be listed as a modern weight loss technique. With this method, it is ensured that the fats are burnt by means of speeding up the metabolism. Thus, the cells are regenerated and the excess fat is removed from the body. The lymphatic drainage massage is especially pretty effective in terms of breaking down the fat tissues in the cellulite areas and regional fats.

What Does Lymphatic Drainage Do?

It is a method that supports cellulite treatment and the process of getting tighter, and that increases the permanence of the positive results that are obtained throughout this process. Therefore, lymphatic drainage massage is often used for the weight loss processes. It also has a property of relaxing the body due to its effects like cell regeneration, regulation of lymphatic flow, and getting rid of the toxins.

Lymphatic drainage, which is also effective in burning the regional fats that come to be due to reasons such as lack of mobility can also be applied to shape up the body, get rid of the excess, and tighten the body up. The most successful results of the lymphatic drainage method are obtained in people who are in the normal weight range. However, the results are also quite successful for people who are in an intense process of losing weight and who gets lymphatic drainage on a regular basis getting lymphatic drainage. When performed along with diet and exercise, lymphatic drainage also helps remove the cellulite appearance.

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How is Lymphatic Drainage Performed?

Lymphatic drainage is a method that is applied with a special machine. With the help of a machine, the circulation of the white liquid which is also known as the lymphatic system and which feeds the cells is sped up. A pressure is applied from the fingertips upwards at regular intervals. An improvement in the skin quality where it is applied, a peripheral thinning, and tightening on and under the skin can be observed. In this method which is known to have positive effects on the muscular system as well, the lymphatic flow in the veins is triggered with the motions that the machine does and the part of the lymphatic system that belongs to flat muscles is affected. 

The person wears a special clothing during this method which does not cause any pain and pressure is applied on the lymphatic system. The body is given vibration, heat and current via the cables during each session which lasts about half an hour. When the lymphatic system speeds up with the stimulation; the toxins and other waste that have accumulated in the body get mixed up into the excretory system to be expelled from the body.

What Are the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage?

Although lymphatic drainage is usually used to burn regional fat, it also has many more different benefits. It is one of the most active methods used to eliminate the edema in the body due to various reasons. It speeds up the lymphatic system and thus helps clear away the accumulations in the area of the edema. Thus, the toxins and other wastes causing the edema are cleared.

It is a supportive method in the treatment of the conditions like cellulite and varicose veins which cause an unpleasant appearance in the body, and it is especially preferred to eliminate the varicose veins that pop up after birth. 

When used to help with the diet and exercise programs of people who want to lose weight, it makes sure that the fat accumulation in the body is prevented and calorie burning is sped up by speeding up the lymphatic system.

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Who Can Benefit from Lymphatic Drainage?

In addition to all of its positive effects, lymphatic drainage which also helps relax the body can be applied for everyone who wants it. Because it is an application that makes a difference in the weight loss process, it is generally preferred for regional fat burning. It is a frequently used method by people wishing to get rid of their excess kilos as it increases the effects of the applications for cellulite and tightening, and increases permanence. 

The problems of the people who are overweight, who have a cellulite issue, who get swelling in their body during PMS and who have edema in their arms after breast cancer can be resolved with lymphatic drainage massage.

Lymphatic drainage; is not applied on people with pace makers and who have circulatory diseases, and on patients with osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension and hemorrhoids.

When Are the Effects Seen?

Regular application for at least 10-15 sessions should be performed to see the effects. Needing more than 15 sessions might be in question for people with cellulite, depending on the severity and intensity of the cellulite.

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