It is extremely natural to encounter sagging in the skin due to time passing by and the inability to resist the effects of gravity. The first signs of aging on the facial skin are usually seen as wrinkles that appear, fine lines that occur and the loss of elasticity in the skin. With time, these wrinkles get deeper and sagging occurs in the skin. This might cause a person to feel unhappy. Thanks to the different procedures that are applied nowadays, it is possible to eliminate facial wrinkles without needing surgical interventions. 

In the mesolifting procedure which is one of the most effective methods used for facial rejuvenation, the filling materials consisting mostly of substances such as A, C and E vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids and hyaluronic acid are made into a special cocktail and injected into the bottom layers of the skin.

Mesolifting is a procedure that renews the skin and that is extremely effective against skin wrinkles and skin sagging. It is performed to revitalize the tissues like the facial, neck and décolletage areas that have signs of aging earlier than the other areas of the body due to their structures and put the decreased subcutaneous elements back. 


What is Mesolifting (Facelift)?

Mesolifting, which is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation method that is performed to reduce the problematic areas on the face and the body; can be performed for the purposes of face, neck and under eye rejuvenation and hair plumping. Within the scope of this method; a refreshing-rejuvenating procedure is performed to give the vivacity and vitality of the face back with microinjection method. Concentrated vitamins, minerals, stem cell extract and special amino acids are found in the mesolifting mixtures which are applied via the microinjection method. Thanks to this mixture, the skin is restructured, and it is ensured that the skin holds more moisture and livens up.

Mesolifting is a personal treatment and the formula to be injected subcutaneously can be prepared by taking into consideration the person’s needs. There are anti-aging molecules such as vitamins, amino acids, minerals, hyaluronic acid and salmon DNA in the mixture that is injected into the skin.

If the application is done regularly before there is sagging on the face and the wrinkles get deeper, it is possible to get so much more out of the mesolifting application. However, it is extremely important for people to have realistic expectations from the mesolifting (face lift) procedure and know that it is not possible to achieve the results that one would get from a face lifting surgery from mesolifting.

What is the Purpose of Mesolifting?

Mesolifting can be defined as an anti-aging treatment which is based on giving the skin the nutrients that it needs. The skin produces certain special molecules during its youth. As the years go by, the skin starts not being able to produce these molecules which are considered to be the building blocks of youth. Therefore, looseness occurs in the muscular structure and the result is a skin that has lost its moisture and elasticity and gotten pale. Discolorations, fine lines and wrinkles are also seen in the skin.

With the mesolifting procedure, the aim is to create the effect of a lift, in other words, to give back the tightness and vivacity that the skin has lost. So, although using different types of cosmetic creams for different age groups can be in question for that purpose, a longtime use is needed so that these creams can be absorbed over the skin and take effect. Also, it is usually not possible to reach the deeper layers including the one that nourishes the skin and that is also known as stratum bazale. But in the mesolifting procedure, the supplements that the skin needs are directly given to the desired area and depth at the necessary amounts.

What Are the Benefits of Mesolifting?

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With the mesolifting application, the skin’s balance of the elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid content which has decreased is obtained. Thanks to the cell regenerating vitamins and antioxidants in its content and its connective tissue contents that balance the moisture and fullness of the skin, there is tightening in the skin, moisturization to the point of not needing creams, and a decrease in the fine lines. Thus, more collagen is created, and the structure of the skin also gets stronger due to the increasing elastin quality. The skin gets a healthier, bright and refreshed look within weeks as a result of the increase in oxygenation. Mesolifting can be applied in combination with medical procedures like Botox and fillers so that the effects of the procedure can be carried even further.

Because mesolifting can be used to combat dull skin and reshape the facial lines, it is also a method that is in demand for the young people wishing to obtain an extra moisture for their faces and slow down the effects of aging.

On Which Areas is Mesolifting Applied?

Mesolifting can be applied; on the forehead, upper lip, neck, jaw, cheeks, corner of the eye and décolletage areas. Also; facial mesolifting can be applied for people who have lost their skin shine and vivacity; who have wrinkles and sagging on their skin; who have a tired looking skin; who have skin damage due to smoking; who have skin damage due to overexposure to sunlight; and who want to reduce the spots on their skin, and eliminate pimples and scars.

Mesolifting (face lift) is a medical procedure which can be applied for all age groups as needed. However; mesolifting cannot be performed on people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, who have a skin infection, blood coagulation disorder, uncontrolled diabetes, heart condition, embolism or who have previously had a stroke or is allergic to the substances to be applied.

How is Mesolifting (Facelift) Performed?

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A detailed skin analysis is done for the person before the mesolifting application, and whether they are fit for the mesolifting application and the needs of the skin are established. A topical local anesthetic cream is applied on the skin to numb it. After it has become numb, the skin is cleaned and prepped for the application. The cocktail to be injected is prepared according to the treatment protocol to be followed. And it is injected subcutaneously with microneedles.  So, 1 to 4 millimeters beneath the top layer of the skin is entered during the application. The application is completed within about 15-20 minutes. 

The materials used for the mesolifting application have effects that are basically similar to nourishing creams combined with moisturizers though the nourishing effects are higher as they are directly injected into the skin. After the mesotherapy procedure, the skin gets a moisturized, shiny, bright and tighter look. It is recommended tho perform 4-6 sessions of applications at 2-4 week intervals for the mesotherapy to be effective. However, this might vary depending on the person’s needs and skin type.

Because face lift is a pain- and ache-free procedure, people can go back to their normal lives after the application. In order to achieve a quick recovery after the application, one must fully follow the doctor’s advice and make sure to protect the skin from sunrays.  Because the skin will be sensitive after the application, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight. If the person has to go out into the Sun, then they should not forget to put on a sun blocking cream. The skin should not come into contact with water for the first 24 hours after the procedure, the person should not exercise, keep away from extremely hot environments such as saunas, Turkish baths and solariums, drink plenty of water and abstain from alcohol and smoking.

It is normal to see slight swelling and redness on the area of application after the procedure, and these types of issues usually resolve on their own within several days. Otherwise, one must contact the doctor that has performed the procedure.

Although mesolifting, aka, face lift, is a risk-free procedure, it is crucial that it is performed by a specialist doctor in a sterile environment. Otherwise, unwanted damages may occur in the skin.

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