Non-surgical Eyelid Esthetics

Non-surgical Eyelid Esthetics

Sagging in the skin is extremely normal with time due to aging and the effects of gravity. There might also be signs such as bags, softening, wrinkles of the eyelids, skin loosening and discoloration during this process. Also, factors like exposure to sun rays, irregular sleeping, air pollution, excessive alcohol consumption and smoking also have effects that speed up the aging process.

Although the skin normally has an elastic structure, the elasticity of the skin decreases gradually with age. The first signs of the loss of elasticity of the facial skin begin occurring on the eyelids and it is seen that the excess skin firstly collects on the eyelids. And thus, we might say that the first signs of aging emerge on the eyelids. The changes that happen on the eyelids due to aging cause people to have a more tired, older and more dull appearance. Some of the signs of aging seen on the upper and lower eyelids are;

  • Drooping in the upper eyelid, 
  • Discoloration and bags under the eyes,
  • Crow’s feet lines on the corners of the eyes,
  • Sagging and wrinkles on the eyelid skin,
  • And a tired facial expression.

The loose skins that form on the eyelids not only can cause droopy eyelids, but can also get to the point to prevent sight for some people. In some cases, droopy eyelids might also be accompanied by the looseness on the eyebrows and forehead. In addition to this condition causing an esthetically displeasing appearance, it is also considered to be functionally required to be treated.

ameliyatsız göz kapağı estetiği

What is Non-surgical Eyelid Esthetic?

The procedures that are performed to remove the excess skin on the eyelids without making cuts and leaving scars are called non-surgical eyelid esthetics. With non-surgical eyelid esthetics, it is possible to operate on the skin surface and achieve a rapid regeneration. Thus, the excess skins and wrinkles on the eyelids are eliminated. And the skin is rejuvenated non-surgically.

Non-surgical eyelid esthetics are also performed with plasma energy treatment. In the method where a device that runs on plasma energy, the effect is achieved by means of evaporating the epidermis, the top layer of the skin, in layman’s terms. When the remaining skin is contracted after the epidermis is evaporated, the excess part will be non-surgically removed.

The end of the device used for non-surgical eyelid esthetics generate an electrical energy in extremely high temperatures, ionize the atmospheric gases when it is brought close to the skin surface, and allows the generation of plasma energy. The plasma energy that is generated turn toe keratinocyte cells on the top layer of the skin into gas and makes the skin tighter. While the treated tissues turn into gas, the unwanted heat is prevented from being transmitted onto the surrounding tissues and the subcutaneous layer. Thus, it is possible to keep the plasma energy that occurs only within the millimetric area that the device can see, and keep the surrounding tissues unaffected. 

Why is Non-surgical Eyelid Esthetic Performed?

The eyelids have two separate tissue structures which are upper and lower. The upper eyelid performs all eye-related functions as a moving tissue. With the non-surgical eyelid esthetics application, the sagging and wrinkles that occur on the upper eyelid can be eliminated. The acquired or congenital droopy eyelids can be eliminated and the eyelid can be lifted. Also, the eyelid can be given a tighter texture.

The lower eyelid is a smaller tissue compared to the upper eyelid, and it is also more in the background functionally. However, it has the characteristic of being the tissue that is affected the most in terms of appearance because of under eye wrinkles. With non-surgical eyelid esthetics, it is possible to obtain effects on the lower eyelid just like on the upper eyelids.

Non-surgical eyelid esthetics can be performed to eliminate; 

  • The esthetic concerns of the patients, 
  • The wrinkles around the eyes,
  • The sagging and wrinkles that occur due to aging,
  • The problem of the loss of function of the upper eyelid.

Who Would Benefit From Non-Surgical Eyelid Esthetics?

It is usually performed on people over 35 years old, when the signs of aging start appearing on the eyelids. However, there is no age restriction for the non-surgical eyelid esthetic which is an application that can be performed on anyone who needs it medically.

Non-surgical eyelid esthetic can be performed on anyone who has excess skin on their eyelids, though more effective results are obtained in people with thinner skin. Because the effects to be obtained from the application can decrease as the skin thickness increases, the decision about whether to perform the application is made by the doctor specific to the patient.

Plasma energy cannot be applied on pregnant people or on people with an open wound or an infection on their forehead area.

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How is Non-surgical Eyelid Esthetic Performed?

Numbing cream, local anesthetic injections or rarely sedation can be preferred to increase the patient’s comfort before non-surgical eyelid esthetics. When the area of application gets numb, laser pulses are applied on the lower, upper or both eyelid. The water vapor and nitrogen that are found as gas in the area of application are made to turn into plasma energy with high energy. Not only do the problematic tissues on the skin are removed, the process of new tissue formation is also started. In this method which is performed point by point, the application continues until it is visibly seen that the excess skin folds are gone.

The effect of regeneration that is created by the plasma energy treatment increasingly continues in the area of application, though the application does not affect the capillary vessels, hair follicles, nerves and fat tissues.

How Does the Process After the Non-Surgical Eyelid Esthetics Procedure Go?

In the application of non-surgical eyelid esthetics, there is swelling and scabbing on the area of application after the plasma energy treatment that is performed on the upper and lower eyelids. The edema varies from person to person, but it usually improves within 5 days at the latest. The doctors might recommend using solutions to reduce edema during this process. The area of application should be cleaned with a neutral soap with a pH value of 5.5 and should in no way be brought into contact with products that contain alcohol. It is recommended to use products only with benzalkonium chloride as a disinfectant. 

The scabs that form after the application should not be covered with any bandages or plasters. The tissue that evaporates and scabs with the effect of the application falls of in 7 to 20 days on average. It is vital that these scabs are not picked off and to wait until they fall of by themselves. Also, using moisturizing creams to soften the area should be abstained.

It is recommended to apply a thick liquid foundation block so that the area of application can be protected from the Sun and artificial lights during the recovery process. The liquid foundations that contain sun protection factor should be renewed at several-hour intervals throughout the day from the moment of waking up in the morning until going to bed at night. And before going to bed, cleaning should be done with a neutral soap without rubbing, and only the eyedrop recommended by the doctor should be applied on the scabs after applying an edema reducing wet dressing for 10 minutes.

The duration of the effectiveness of the plasma energy treatment might vary depending on personal differences. The effects that last 2-3 years might be less for people with thicker skin structures. The repetition of the procedure can help to obtain more permanent results. The repetition of the application requires waiting for full recovery. And this duration is considered to be 3-6 months minimum. The problems of the eyelid where the plasma treatment is applied might be maintained for 2-3 years depending on the immediate biostimulation to occur in the areas. However, it is not a permanent procedure because it is impossible to resist aging, time and gravity. But, it might also be considered as an advantage that is too major to ignore with its effect that postpones the need and time for surgery of the eyelids. 

Will I Get Scarring After Non-Surgical Eyelid Esthetics?

There is no scarring after the application of non-surgical eyelid esthetics. However, the duration that is required for the discoloration in the application area to resolve might vary from person to person. Regular use of sun blocks and foundation is crucial so that this period moves faster and more healthily. This duration is likely to last a little longer for people who have darker skin and who have zinc and iron deficiency.

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