Under Eye Light Filling

Under Eye Light Filling

Sleeping less or more than the duration which the body needs, the body getting more tired than necessary, alcohol consumption an smoking, and a bad diet program might cause people to get under eye problems. And the first effects of aging emerge as saggy, droopy or swollen under eyes. In addition, having some health issues might also negatively affect the appearance of the under eyes. These problems can occur for some people due to their genetic features. With the under eye light filling, which is one of the most popular treatment methods recently, people can get a healthier and more esthetic look.

However, under eye light filling is not suitable for advanced aging deformities. It should be performed on the patients during the early periods of deformity where the skin has not yet creased that much, there is no looseness in the muscular layer, where the bags are only slight, and where loss of volume has not yet progressed too far.


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What is Under Eye Light Filling?

It is a medical procedure that allows the color of the skin to be enhanced and its elasticity, rigidity and smoothness to be increased and thus reflect light better by means of increasing the level of hydration in the depths of the skin tissues.

With under eye light filling injection, it is possible to improve the appearance of the dark circles and shadows under the eyes, reduce the tired look, eliminate the wrinkles, sagging and collapses, and eliminate the imparities under the eyes. Thanks to this method, the loss of volume that occurs in the under-eye area is supported and a more youthful appearance is obtained. 

In addition to the treatment of under eye bags and dents, the color of the under eye skin gets lighter with the under eye light filling injection thanks to the hyaluronic acid in the contents of the filling material that is used. Thus, a brighter and more luminous look is achieved in the under eye.

Where is Light Filling Applied?

As even young people can have under eye problems, they might make them look older and more tired. By means of applying under eye light filling injections, it is possible to eliminate the color difference between the cheeks and the under eye. It is possible to get a younger and livelier look by means of getting a lift as necessary around the under eye as a result of aligning the dents under the eye with the cheeks.

Under eye light filling injection is usually applied on the dents that generally appear between the eyes and the nose and the eyes and the cheekbones and that cause dark shadows. A filler that has little water retention features is used for the under eye light filling injection. The full effects of the application are seen in 1-2 weeks. It will suffice to apply one single injection between 0.6 – 1 cc for most patients in the under eye light filling procedure. However, some patients might need additional injections.

Under eye light filling injections can be performed for almost everyone between the ages of 18 – 65 who experiences problems uner their eyes and who are distressed by that situation. However, people who are pregnant and breastfeeding, who have uncontrolled diabetes, heart conditions, blood coagulation disorder, skin infection, embolism, who have previously had a stroke and who are allergic to the filler substance used for the application cannot receive under eye light filling applications.

What is the Content of the Under Eye Light Filling?

The contents of the substance used in the under eye light filling is hyaluronic acid, which has a soft and liquid form. Hyaluronic acid is the most frequently used substance in the whole world for both subcutaneous and intradermal fillers. The physical properties of hyaluronic acid such as the duration of being absorbed, liquidity vary depending on the chemical stages of the synthesizing process. The hyaluronic acid to be used for the under eye light filling injections need to be softer and more liquid. This is because the skin in the under eye area is really thin. If a substance that is rough and that creates a mass effect is injected into this area, unwanted outcomes might occur such as being noticeable from the outside and creating visible irregularities. Therefore, the material used for the under eye light filling injection is obtained using a different technological hardware.

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How is Under Eye Light Filling Performed?

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The patient’s eye area is examined before the procedure. Specific for each patient, their skin color and the degree of the problem are examined and the content of the treatment is established. And the under eye light filling injection is also performed by using really fine needles, just like the face and lip filling injections. First, a low dose local anesthetic is applied around the eye. After waiting for a while so that the local anesthetic works, then a special tonic is used to clean around the eye. Thus, it is possible to fully cleanse the skin around the eye from dirt and makeup. With the dosage that is adjusted specific to the patient for the points that are arranged to follow a certain route around the eye, a small amount of filling is injected. After completing the injection in all points, a soothing tonic is used to wipe around the eye. A medical anti-redness cream is applied. The redness is relieved and soothed with a cold compress over some cotton that is placed around the eye. The procedure is completed within about 20-25 minutes.

High volumes are required to obtain an effective result from the under eye light filling procedure. Since this is more prone to complications, it is crucial that the specialist is experienced and has performed this application many times. In the event of not having the adequate specialty, the 1 cc of filling is split under both eyes. Although this volume seems to be enough due to the edema that is seen after the application, it can be seen that the sufficient effect has not been achieved once the edema is resolved within several weeks. As for the higher volumes, it is possible for the filling to collect in one area and cause bumps and visible irregularities. Therefore, the application should be done not only in the dented areas, but to be layered into the entire anatomic unit, and distributed extremely meticulously.

After the under eye light filling application; the area of application should not be washed and no exercise should be done. Extremely hot areas like solariums, saunas and Turkish baths as well as exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided. Plenty of water should be drunk and alcohol consumption and smoking should be avoided during the recovery process.

After the under eye light filling injection, there may be side effects, although rarely, like swelling, redness, dizziness and itchiness. In this case, the doctor should be contacted.

When Does it Stop Being Effective?

The permanence duration of the under eye light filling procedure is usually 9-12 months. Although the results are not permanent for life, this duration may vary depending on several factors like the skin type and skin color of the patient. Also, the permanence duration can be increased if the under eye light filling procedure is applied on a regular basis.

What Are the Risks of Light Filling? 

Under eye light filling injection can be listed among procedures with side effects and risks that are pretty lower than the other procedures. And the complications are either temporary or treatable. Even though fine needles are used during the filling injection applications, there might be slight bleeding in patients with sensitive skin. Therefore, one must use really thin cannulas while performing under eye light filling. 

There is hyaluronic acid in the under eye light filling material. And hyaluronic acid is a substance that is already found in the body. The majority of the substances used in filling injections do not require allergy testing. However, if the patient has a problematic history of allergies, there might be unwanted allergic reactions without the application of the tests. If there is redness or bruising in the area after the procedure, it will improve by itself within about 72 hours. 

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