Facial Mesotherapy

Facial Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is; a method where the substances like enzymes, vitamins, hormones and nectars which have effects of tightening the skin and eliminating excess fat are injected into the skin. It is a non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedure which aims to reduce the effects of the problems that arise on the face and body with time. Mesotherapy; is not only used to rejuvenate the face, neck and under eye, but can also be performed in case of hair thinning and loss. The cocktails that are injected during mesotherapy usually contain hyaluronic acid and the injection is made into the middle layer of the skin. Thus, the collagen and elastin production is encouraged and it is ensured that the skin is refreshed.

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What Is Facial Mesotherapy?

With time, with the effects of the harmful rays of the Sun in combination with collagen loss, deterioration occurs in the appearance and fullness of the skin. And in facial mesotherapy, which is one of the most effective procedures that are performed to eliminate such issues, the medications that are prepared by taking into consideration the needs of the person are directly injected into and underneath the skin. Thus, the skin can start benefiting from the effective ingredients in the solution that is injected in no time. Because the application is performed with little amounts of cocktail, the risk of the substances used to cause any side effects is extremely low.

Facial mesotherapy is considered to be a beneficial and natural method that is effective in skin wrinkles and sagging and that renews the skin. It is an extremely effective anti-aging treatment which stimulates collagen synthesis in the skin. Thus, it ensures that the skin is tightened, rejuvenated, and gets a brighter look. The skin gets a rested and fresh look after the facial mesotherapy. There is an increase in the skin elasticity, and a decrease in wrinkles and skin sagging. The skin also gets a brighter look.

There is hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants in the cocktails that are prepared personally in the facial mesotherapy procedure. By directly injecting these substances which all have different benefits on the skin and by stimulating the skin as such, the collagen and elastin production increases in the skin. Not only moisturization in the skin increases, but also a rejuvenation occurs. 

Why Is Facial Mesotherapy Performed?

Facial mesotherapy is performed; to give back the healthy structure to the skin which has worn out and lost its brightness. In addition, the facial mesotherapy procedure can also be used to prevent skin aging and skin sagging. It is also one of the methods that can be preferred to treat the stretch marks on the skin, alleviate the spots on the skin, and prevent the formation of spots.

On Whom Is Facial Mesotherapy Performed?

Facial mesotherapy can be applied; for people who have lost their skin shine and vivacity; who have wrinkles and sagging on their skin; who have a tired looking skin; who have skin damage due to smoking; who have skin damage due to overexposure to sunlight; and who want to reduce the spots on their skin, and eliminate pimples and scars.

What to Watch Out For After Facial Mesotherapy?

The area of application should not be washed, the skin should not be exposed to direct sunlight, and extremely hot areas like solariums, Turkish baths and saunas should be avoided for the first 24 hours after the facial mesotherapy procedure. Also, the patients should make sure to drink plenty of water and not exercise after the application.

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How Is Facial Mesotherapy Performed?

The skin is cleaned and freed from makeup and dirt before starting the facial mesotherapy application. Then, it is disinfected, numbed with a local anesthetic cream and the pains and aches that might be felt during the application are minimized. The cocktail that has been determined based on the person’s needs is injected into or onto the skin with microinjection method. The amount to be applied on the skin might vary based on the skin problem and the severity of the problem. In facial mesotherapy, the application can be performed with a needle or with devices that have microneedles. Although the goal is the same for both methods, the method of application is different.

The skin gets great benefit from the vitamins and other ingredients in the cocktail that is injected into the skin. The high level of vitamins and skin nourishing ingredients in the cocktail that is used penetrates the skin pretty effectively with proper application.

How Long Does the Effects of Facial Mesotherapy Last?

The facial mesotherapy procedure is initially applied in 4-5 sessions every 14 days. The number of sessions and the frequency of application are determined based on the patient’s problem, age, skin condition and the severity of the problem. 

More sessions might be needed for the elderly or for people who have a high level of wear on their skin. A facial mesotherapy can be performed again about 3-6 months after the facial mesotherapy sessions are performed regularly and have ended. The skin continues to renew itself after the mesotherapy procedure.

The patients start noticing the visible signs of recovery after the first session. Because the treatment moves cumulatively, the desired effect is usually obtained fully after 4 to 6 sessions. The effects of the mesotherapy procedure last about 2-4 months depending on the individual. 3 months after the treatment has started, it should be repeated every 2 to 6 months to get the sessions into a maintenance phase and preserve the therapeutic outcome.

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