Pain Mesotherapy

Pain Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is one of the commonly used medical procedures in our country and has many different areas and types of use. Pain mesotherapy is also one of the supportive treatments included within this scope. Pain mesotherapy is deemed a quite effective method in treating the pains that negatively affect the daily life of a person. It is aimed with the pain mesotherapy, which is planned specifically for the concerned person after the type, place, and characteristics of the pain are determined, to reduce the pains and to eliminate them, if possible.

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What Is Pain Mesotherapy?

Pain can be defined as an unpleasant special feeling that arises from any part of the body, that may be or may not be linked with a reason related to organs, and that includes also the experiences of the concerned person. Indeed, paid can also be considered as a warning against physical damages or dangers. 

Having been increasingly demanded recently, pain mesotherapy is a procedure applied to the painful part of the body. This method where a small dose of medicine is administered to the patient at long intervals is deemed an effective method also in reducing the medicines and doses already taken by patients. While pain mesotherapy is commonly preferred for athlete injuries, it also provides the advantage of protection from systemic adverse effects of medicines since it is a procedure that is applied locally.

Painkillers, hormones such as calcitonin and thyroxin, herbal essences, prescription drugs such as vasodilators and antibiotics, enzymes such as collagenase and hyaluronidase, vitamins, and minerals may be used for pain mesotherapy. Calcitonin is obtained from salmon fish and is among the most commonly used medicines in mesotherapy applications aimed at the treatment of painful bone disorders from osteoporosis to cancer.

Traditional mesotherapy may be preferred as a pain reliever method for many acute and chronic pain syndromes such as gout, cervicobrachial syndrome, fibromyalgia, neuralgia, migraine, menstrual pains, etc. Apart from these, it may be used for muscle inflammations such as myositis and bursitis, sports injuries of muscles-tendons, and sprains. 

Why Is Pain Mesotherapy Applied?

Pain mesotherapy is applied by injecting the special medicine mixtures aimed at solving the problems of the patient. It is a commonly used method for pains the reasons of which cannot be identified, and pain attacks. Since the cocktails injected during pain mesotherapy are prepared with various medicines, it is ensured that therapeutic agents penetrate the skin. Once they start serving, pains can be relieved.

Which Pains Can Be Resolved with Pain Mesotherapy?

Pain mesotherapy can be also used for the treatment of meniscus, stress fractures, rheumatism, trigger finger, ligament injuries, zoster, and Achilles tendon problems, besides muscle and joint pains. In addition to these, it is possible to utilize pain mesotherapy procedure for neuralgias and degenerative diseases. With pain mesotherapy, it is possible to treat the painful and inflammatory fluid in joints.

Whom Is Pain Mesotherapy Applied to?

Pain mesotherapy can be applied to persons with complaints of pain based on connective tissue, trigeminal neuralgia, muscle pain, joint swelling, pain, limitation of movement, acute and chronic tissue stress, some types of edema, migraine, hand and wrist pains, cellulite, keloid, dermatological disorders such as baldness and acne, pain based on colon spasms, sports-related soft-tissue injuries, etc.

On the other hand, pain mesotherapy cannot be applied in case of pregnancy, acute infection, irregular hypertension, end-stage heart failure, deep venous thrombosis, heart attack, open wounds, renal failure, taking blood thinners, and drug allergies. 

What Are the Benefits of Pain Mesotherapy?

During pain mesotherapy, active agents are injected to the skin surface, and this method is more advantageous than intramuscular injection method because it ensures that medicines spread more slowly on the tissues under the injection area, i.e. skin, muscles, and joints, and have effects at a higher level and for a longer time. It is a quite helpful method when a local pharmacologic effect is needed and when relatively high doses of medicine are not needed in systemic circulation.

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How Is Pain Mesotherapy Applied?

Before pain mesotherapy application, the patient is subjected to a detailed examination. Information is obtained about his/her current health status. It is determined whether the patient is suitable for pain mesotherapy. In case no obstacle is identified for the application of pain mesotherapy, pain mesotherapy application can be proceeded with after determining whether pains can be resolved with other treatment methods. 

Prior to the application, generally local anesthetic cream is applied to the relevant area. The drug mixture prepared according to the requirements of the patient is injected to the application area with microneedles of 4 mm in general. Depending on the problem to be treated, injection can be made in depths varying between 1 and 4 mm. A very small dose of drug is administered with each injection.

What Are the Advantages of Pain Mesotherapy Treatment?

The sense of pain felt during pain mesotherapy that provides the opportunity for interventional treatment is at the lowest level in this application compared to other treatment methods. Pain mesotherapy realized by using a small dose of medicine causes almost no adverse effect. Pain mesotherapy procedure does not negatively affect the daily life and business life of patients. Following the application, patients can return to their daily life soon. Offering a local and fast effect, pain mesotherapy is deemed an advantageous method also because it does not cause any damages to the skin.

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