H-100 Youth Vaccine

H-100 Youth Vaccine

The H-100 youth vaccine has been one of the most trendy medical esthetic treatment procedures recently. The H-100 youth vaccine which is considered to be one of the newest and most successful skin rejuvenation cocktails is becoming more and more popular as it has a much richer content compared to the other rejuvenation treatments.

Most people neglect or skip their routine skin care in the hustle of daily life. And using the H-100 vaccine to minimize the damages that could be caused as a result can become a crucial advantage. The H-100 vaccine is an extremely effective application with the hyaluronic acid in its content. And containing the antioxidant that the skin needs, mannitol, along with hyaluronic acid allows it to achieve pretty amazing results. Although there are many alternative rejuvenation treatments that are used nowadays, the H-100 youth vaccine is a few steps ahead of the other rejuvenation treatments with the hyaluronic acid and mannitol in its content. Thus, H-100 youth vaccine expands the lifespan of the skin tissues and it also has an antiedema effect. Other elements like minerals, peptides and amino acids are also found in the cocktail that make up the content of the H-100 youth vaccine. 

The H-100 youth vaccine is pretty effective in increasing the moisture holding capacity of the skins that have sagged and wrinkled, gotten deformed, lost their moisture and got damaged. It also provides the elements like peptides, vitamins, minerals and amino acids which the skin can no longer synthesize due to aging. It fulfills all the skin needs; and helps achieve a lively, elastic and young appearance.

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What is the H-100 Youth Vaccine?

The youth vaccine, aka the H100 vaccine, is a medical procedure which helps eliminate the sagging and wrinkles that occur on people’s skins due to aging and genetic factors. The skin which suffers major loss of collagen with time and sags and loosens can be given a shiny and moist appearance thanks to the H-100 youth vaccine. Because new collagen production is triggered with the H-100 youth vaccine, it is also possible to treat the skin and reduce the signs of aging.

There are no substances that could cause an allergic reaction in the content of the H100 youth vaccine. Although the skin starts structuring, and gaining volume, shine and vivacity after the application, approximately 15 days should pass so that the effects of the H100 youth vaccine can become visible.

What Are the Areas of Use for the H-100 Youth Vaccine?

Some of the areas where the H-100 youth vaccine can be applied are the neck, décolletage, face, double chin and the top of the hand. The loss of elasticity of the skin, signs of aging, need for treatment and treatment expectations are different for each person. Therefore, the needs of the patient are established before the application, and the treatment sessions are arranged specific to the individual. 2 sessions every 2 or 3 weeks are usually adequate for the young skins as the duration of the treatment. And 2 or 3 sessions every 2 or 3 weeks are needed for the middle-aged skins, while an average of 3 or 5 sessions for the damaged and aged skins. The session intervals of 1 or 2 weeks are considered to be ideal.

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Who Are Suitable for the H-100 Youth Vaccine?

There is no age limit for the H100 youth vaccine. The H100 youth vaccine can be applied on all men and women who wish to give their skins a shinier and livelier appearance, though it is a method which people over 30 go for in general. The reason for that is because the loss of moisture in the skin often increases after the 30’s. The application of the H100 youth vaccine for the treatment of the fine lines that appear after that age is considered to be an extremely effective method.

What Are the Benefits of H-100?

The H-100 youth vaccine continues to activation of hyaluronic acid and expands its life in the tissue. It also helps fold out the wrinkles and facial mimic lines that occur on the skin over the years. It speeds up the cell regeneration in the skin. It contributes to the skin looking livelier and getting tighter. It supports the subcutaneous muscular tissue and reduces skin sagging. The H-100 youth vaccine, which plays a major role in increasing skin elasticity, also helps the skin to hold water, increases its levels of moisture and repairs the tissues. Because it prolongs the lifespan of the hyaluronic acid in the skin, it contributes to the speeding up of the biological repairing process of the skin. The H-100 youth vaccine plays a role in the increasing of the moisture capacity of the skin and the skin gaining elasticity thanks to the hyaluronic acid in its content. It also has a quite major effect in the folding out of the mimic-related skin wrinkles by helping the skin tissue get tighter.

How is the H-100 Vaccine Applied?

Before starting the application of the H-100 vaccine, the area where the vaccine will be applied is cleaned and a local anesthetic cream is applied. After keeping the anesthetic cream under a plastic wrap for 30 minutes, the skin is disinfected from the cream. Following the disinfection, the H-100 vaccine is injected subcutaneously at 1 cm intervals on the entire area where the application will be performed.  Extremely thin needles are used during the application of the H-100 youth vaccine. Both because the needles are really thin and a local anesthetic is applied before the procedure, the pains and aches are felt minimally.

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The mannitol in the content of the H-100 youth vaccine is not only one of the most effective antioxidants to be known, but it also has an antiedema effect. The fact that the hyaluronic acid stays longer in the skin tissues is another one of its benefits. Hyaluronic acid ensures the repairing of the tissues that hold water in the skin and thus increases the level of moisture of the skin and helps increase skin elasticity. Hexapeptide-8 is a growth factor which helps fold out the mimic lines and wrinkles that are the indicators of skin exhaustion. Procollagen peptide is also a growth factor which contributes to the folding out of the mimic lines and wrinkles that occur on the skin due to time. And DMAE 3.5% not only supports the subcutaneous tissue muscles, but also has an antioxidant effect. It helps increase tightness of the skin and decrease the sagging. Pentapeptide-18 decreases the rate of contraction of the skin muscles and contributes to the reduction of wrinkles. B1 and B6 vitamins have antioxidants properties and slow down the skin’s aging process. Organik Silica increases collagen and elastic fibrils which contribute to the correction of the skin tone. 

There are also many different amino acids in the H-100 youth vaccine with the property of increasing the regeneration of the skin cells.  The amino acids that are found in the H-100 youth vaccine are; L-Arginine, L-Merhionine, INC, Glycine, Tyrosine, Leucine and Alanine. The said amino acids have many benefits like; increasing collagen production, creating a rapid shining effect in the skin pigmentation; supporting the immune system and speeding up the recovery of damaged tissues, slowing down the deteriorations in the skin and muscle tissues, and contributing to obtaining a smooth appearance on the skin.

No exercise should be done for the first 24 hours after the H-100 youth vaccine. Exercising, sauna and Turkish bath should also be avoided. There should be no direct sun exposure, and no other sun blocks should be used except for the sun block products prescribed by the doctor. Water intake should be plenty after the application, and lying down facedown should be avoided. No rough massages should be applied on the area of application, and if there is alcohol consumption and smoking, they should be stopped, and if they cannot be stopped, they should be cut down as much as possible.

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