Weight Loss with Mesotherapy and Lipolysis

Weight Loss with Mesotherapy and Lipolysis

Being overweight, cellulites and regional fat deposition are problems which women from different age groups encounter the most. It is most often than not impossible to eliminate these problems despite the diet and exercise programs followed. 

Different regional slimming methods with and without devices are used nowadays. However, all of these methods are for shaping the body and they are not performed by targeting weight loss. These types of methods are effective on people who have regional fat depositions despite having the proper height and weight ratio. Mesotherapy and lipolysis are amongst the methods that are applied the most for regional slimming purposes. 

mezoterapi ve lipoliz ile zayıflama

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is; the method where a mixture that is obtained from substances like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes based on the targeted treatment and the person’s needs is injected into the middle layer of the skin with microinjection method. A small amount of mixture is injected into the area of application with microinjection method, thus reaching the problematic area directly. This way, the problem is resolved without creating a systemic effect and it is possible to achieve a maximum level of benefit from the treatment.

Mesotherapy, which is performed for regional slimming purposes, is also known as injection lipolysis. During this procedure, certain substances such as bile acid, soya lecithin, caffeine, carnitin which are known to have fat burning properties are mixed together at special ratios and injected into the fat tissue. 

Mesotherapy is an alternative treatment that is used to eliminate the regional fat depositions in the abdominal, arm, waist and leg areas. The application gets the fat tissue in the injection area to break down. When supported with diet and exercise, it is possible to obtain extremely successful results.

What is Lipolysis?

In the lipolysis method which is an effective local slimming and regional fat burning method that has been used recently, the PPC (pphosphadytilcolin) substance is injected subcutaneously. PPC is a substance that is obtained from soybeans and helps the solid fat in the fat tissues called adipocytes to dissolve. It makes the fat cells get broken down and expelled from the body easier by turning them into a fluid-fatty water solution. The lipidic components exit the cell more easily, and the removed and metabolized fats are made to be expelled with the body’s natural lymphatic system. Because the fats are expelled naturally from the body, the problems of looseness and sagging in the area of application occurs as little as possible.

PPC is a substance that is found in the person’s body and that has an important role in the fat metabolism. Because PPC and lecithin are substances that are found in the bile that is produced by the gallbladder, it is impossible for the treatment to have a side effect. Because this is a process that is already performed by the body. But in the lipolysis treatment, the injection is directly into the fat tissue in the targeted area. Thus, the fat burning effect is sped up.  In other words, in the lipolysis method, the fat burning and expelling actually occur within the body’s own natural process. 

When are Mesotherapy and Lipolysis Performed?

Mesotherapy is actually an extremely effective and practical procedure that allows many different problems in the body to be eliminated. Mesotherapy can be performed; to eliminate different issues such as regional slimming, cellulites, skin rejuvenation, skin sagging, spot treatment, stretch marks on the skin. 

Lipolysis can be performed; to eliminate deformities due to fat deposition, gynecomastia, cellulite, and the fats under the chin and around the eyes. The lipolysis method is used to eliminate the deformities that occur after surgical removal of fat and the orange-peel appearance due to cellulite as well. And in men, the lipolysis method is usually used to eliminate the fat accumulations in the back area. 

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Is It Possible to Lose Weight with Mesotherapy and Lipolysis?

Regional slimming is possible as a result of mesotherapy and lipolysis methods. Although it is possible to get rid of regional weight and get a more fit body with the application of these methods, more effective and permanent results can be achieved if supported with exercise and diet.

A personalized diet and daily exercise program should be followed to increase the effects of the applications performed. Therefore, the slimming effect from the applications can be augmented. 

When Will the Treatment Yield Results?

The effects of the mesotherapy application; start after the 2nd or 3rd session depending on the person’s age, skin type and the severity of the problem. 

In the lipolysis application, the majority of patients start noticing the changes in their body after the second session. The body zeroes the fat wastes that are dissolved naturally during the lipolysis application after each application on its own, though there might be a total fat loss in frequent applications. Therefore, the right method is to observe the effects and perform the application at 4-6 week intervals.

Who Are Suitable to Lose Weight with Mesotherapy and Lipolysis?

Mesotherapy and lipolysis methods can be performed on people who have regional fat deposition issues, who are close to their ideal weight but have resistant fat accumulations, who are on a diet and who exercise but want to support their weight loss and body shaping process.

Mesotherapy and lipolysis methods cannot be performed on; people who are pregnant and breastfeeding, who have had a stroke, who have cancer, embolism, diabetes or urticaria.

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How Are Mesotherapy and Lipolysis Performed?

In the mesotherapy procedure which targets regional slimming, fine needles are used to inject the mixture into the area. The mineral and vitamin supported medications that are applied at small doses help speed up circulation by reaching the ends of the capillary vessels in the middle layer of the skin. The fats in the areas of the regional fat depositions turn into tissues that collect water and that harden with time. Thanks to the fat burning and circulation regulating medication mixtures that are injected into the area during the application of the mesotherapy method, the fat cells in the area with the deteriorated structures are broken down and thus the lymphatic system is vitalized. And regional slimming is achieved with the destruction of the fat cells with deteriorated structures. Also, there is tightening and skin rejuvenation. Although the mesotherapy application for regional slimming differs from people to people, it is usually done for 8-12 sessions. The sessions which are peformed once a week last around 30 minutes.

In the lipolysis procedure; after a cooling spray is applied on the area of application and it is ensured that the patient feels pain at a minimum level, the PPC substance is injected with fine needle injectors. The aim is that the PPC substance is injected into the areas with regional fat deposition and that these fats are burnt. An increase in natural-like fat breakdown is expected with this procedure.

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